Positively Empowered Kids Festival
An inspiring day packed with lots of free fun activities, excitement and knowledge to help your child to feel empowered about their future!
Do you want to help your children feel inspired about their future and empowered to be happy being their true self?
Then, bring them along to the Positively Empowered Kids Festival: – a fun and exciting day filled with inspiring activities which will help them know that they are extraordinary and that they can achieve anything they want.
At this jam-packed festival, they will discover through exciting activities and interactive demonstrations, how they can live their best lives and be the best they can be.
Whether you are worried about your child’s current anxiety levels, their lack of self -confidence or just want to help them develop further, our aim is for you and them to leave the festival bursting with ideas and equipped with tools and techniques that will help them to create true success on their own terms.
Price: £12-30