98.6% of readers keep the magazines for future reference! (reader survey) Great news for advertisers, clubs, and event organisers.

The magazines contain useful information and articles relevant to each postcode. The advertisers serve that specific area so you will never be told you live too far out for them and all the community information is relevant to you.

“Think you are doing a great job. The mag has improved each year”
“Keep up the good work and keep posting a copy through my letter box”
“Very professional”

These are just a few of the reader’s comments. When asked which were their favourite sections of the mags, the majority of readers said “all of it”.
88% of readers said the magazines met their needs and more than half of them had used more than one business from the magazine, which is great news for us and all the businesses advertising with us.

“Really good”, “great rates”, “well satisfied”, “super”.. are just some of the comments readers used to describe the service they had received when using businesses that advertise with us.

We are always on the lookout for local news, information or articles for the magazines, so if you have anything relevant to any of the magazines give us a call today: 0115 9269777.